"Joe Mande is a man who exists almost entirely on the Internet for many of his fans, not unlike Lil B. He’s a well-worth-following Twitter tweeter with a recently purchased 1M (bot) followers and an abundance of farcical retweets from the likes of Nancy Grace and Tyrese. In addition to writing for shows like Parks and Recreation and Kroll Show, Mande has established himself as a prolific stand-up in his off time, and his first official release, Bitchface, comes in the form of a comedy mixtape. Put out by Greedhead, the label of Himanshu Suri of the now defunct Das Racist, in association with La Croix sparkling water, who Joe is currently repping, Bitchface clocks in at just under an hour, capturing the best of both the mixtape and comedy worlds."

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Bitchface (2014)